Iron Removal Plant

Ecopollutech Engineers  Iron Removal Plant are designed to reduce the iron concentration from the ground water and make it pure for drinking purpose. We have come with specially designed Iron Removal Plant which has been certified by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) & PHED Patna, Bihar.

This plant is specifically designed based on oxidation, filtration & Catalytic Oxidation filtration process so that it can remove metals  and chemical contamination residing in water. We have designed the plant with latest/upgraded technology and have used high quality media and equipment in order to satisfy customer requirements. Improved Community Iron Removal Plant (IRP) designed by CSIR-CMERI is to reduce the maximum iron concentration of 15 ppm. It removes iron below the desired permissible limit (0.3 ppm) of drinking water.


  • Efficient filtration
  • Instant iron free water
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Improve taste of water
  • No chemicals requirement for removal of iron
  • Completely a green technology based solution
  • Simple in Design, Operation and Maintenance
  • Approve from CSIR-CMERI and PHED Patna, Bihar
  • Useful to community service: a small village may cover for drinking purpose only
  • Efficiency should be maintained by proper back-washing of the filter


  • Oxidation
  • Filtration and
  • Catalytic  Oxidation Media

Technical Specification

Particulars 16KLPH 12KLPH 10KLPH 8KLPH
Filter Capacity 16 cubic-meter/hr 12 cubic-meter/hr 10 cubic-meter/hr 8 cubic-meter/hr
Raw Water Iron Consternation 5/10/15 ppm ----- ----- -----
Operation Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Filter Vessel Yes FRP FRP FRP
Vessel-1 Media Sand, Gravels, Charcoal ----- ----- -----
Vessel-2 & 3 Media Katalox Light ----- ----- -----
Piping & Valves UPVC ------ ----- -----
Pressure Gauge Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi port Value Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chlorine Dosing System Yes Yes Yes Yes