Organic Waste Compost Machine Semi-Automatic

Organic Waste Composting Machine Semi-Automatic

Product Details

Ecopollutech Engineers Organic Waste Composting are designed to make composting easy and convenient. Its Semi-automatic and has very compact and aesthetic design.

Ecopollutech Engineers  Organic Waste Composting (OWC) are equipped with intuitive technology. A special bacteria which is heat, salt and acid resistant is used. Once the bacteria are introduce in machine they reproduce at a rapid pace under ideal internal condition.

Curing System


  • Segregate the waste (organic or bio-degradable waste ) properly
  • Larger & Hard waste (coconut shells, bones etc only organic or bio-degradable waste) material of waste put into the shredder.
  • After shredding waste, waste feed into composting chamber of machine.
  • Put ready manure; saw dust and biocullum with waste in owc machine.
  • Then mix all items in machine for 15
  • Remove raw compost from machine
  • And collect raw compost in crates
  • Place the crate in rack for curing for 10 days.
  • Spraying water thrice in a day for 5 minutes
  • Drying it for 10 days compost become ready
  • Store it properly for further use as compost.

Technical Specification

Item Description UOM Quantity
Composting Machine- Model WCM SA-50(400-800 kg waste treatment / day capacity). with following specification a. Power Connection : 7.5HP ( Main Motor & Chopper Motor ) MOC :Machine outer body M.S with epoxy coated & All contact parts SS304 b. Trolley : One No. of SS 304 c. Mobility arrangement: Suitable mobility arrangement for the equipment Set One
Composting Machine- Model WCM SA-50(400-800 kg waste treatment / day capacity). with following specification Compost Curing System. 100 number of HDPE crates, laminated with aerating net b. One unit of one -self folding storage Rack c. Rack size: 3.8 m x 1.2 m x2.6 m. a lot as per requirement . d. Leach ate collection tray e. Moisture control fogging system consisting of foggers, Disc filter, Ball valve, one number of suitable capacity pump f. One number of pressure gauge , and other accessories like piping , valves etc. Set One
Crates need for 400 kg-160 nos
Crates need for 500 kg-200 nos
Crates need for 600 kg-240 nos
Crates need for 700 kg- 280 nos
Crates need for 800 kg- 320 nos
Curing Time 10 days


Leftover Food

Meat, Fish & Poultry

Vegetable Peels

Animal Manure

 Gardening Waste

Fast Food

Fast Food

Bakery Items

Bakery Items

Egg Shells


Plastic Products

Glass Products

Metals  Substances


Medical  Waste

Large Bones

Coconut Shells



  • Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens
  • Stadiums, Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Airports
  • Vegetable markets and Supermarkets
  • Corporate and multinationals