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Our team develops products for medium to large Organisation

EcoPollutech Engineers was launched with an idea to provide the clients with professional value added services in the field of Water Pollution Control Measures (Water Treatment / Sewage Treatment / Effluent Treatment), Air Pollution Control Measures (Cyclone type Dust Collector, Bag type Dust Collector, Scrubber) and Solid waste /Organic waste Composting Machine.


EcoPollutech Engineers has more than 20 years of wide experience in successfully execution to eradicate and control Pollution of various categories of industries.

EcoPollutech Engineers, has necessary infrastructure including own manufacturing unit and very efficient team to handle the successful implementation of Turnkey Projects in Air & Water Pollution Control systems & Organic waste composting machine .

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Our mission is to provide our consumers with pioneering quality product and excellent service at the most affordable prices.

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